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B & B Glassworks, LLC is a Columbus, Ohio based, mother and son team of award winning glass artists that pride ourselves on uncompromising quality and creating unique, original designs. Our work runs the gamut from traditional to modern, Victorian to pop-culture and everything in between.

We welcome the challenge of and opportunity to create custom designs that will bring your vision to life. If you're interested in ordering a custom piece please send us an e-mail.



Hello everybody! It's been a while since our last update and we've had some good things going on! We did our first ever con! We had a booth in the exhibitor hall of Origins Game Fair where we made some very cool contacts. Through the ever diligent marketing prowess of Natasha Borders, Wil Wheaton now owns a piece of B & B glass! We gave him a stained glass D4 at the con.

In other news, B & B Glassworks has gone social. You can now "Like" us on Facebook! Click here to go to our page.


Some awesome and interesting things have been happening for us these past few days! It all started when Casey asked me to help him come up with a good idea for a Instructible contest and I suggested that we document and explain the process of making our stained glass d20s. Once our 'ible was up it immediately began getting attention, being featured by the editors in the "Play" section of the site, then being promoted to the front page, then rated as popular on the site. The next thing we knew it was flying all over the internet and being linked to left and right! Sites like BoingBoing, Reddit, The Dice Guys, etc, etc, etc! Just doing a Google search for "stained glass d20" brings up mention after mention of our instructible!


It's been a while since I've updated this blog! Things have been going well! We are ramping up for this festival season and have begun to put our application packet together. There are also some new and exciting possibilities on the horizon as we've got a kiln and will begin to experiment with warm glass work as well. And, as always, we are upping the bar and continue to create new and interesting pieces that you will see no where else!


We got another piece of exciting news this week! Our Pyramidhead has been featured in a survival horror video game blog! Check out Chris' Survival Horror Quest!

The Pride Festival was a huge success for us, as well! People of all ages and walks of life loved our work! We made some sales and some great connections and introduced stained glass art to a lot of people who never knew it could be cool, who always just assumed it was for churches, which is exciting in and of itself!

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